hello!!!!! My past few weeks have been pretty whacky ngl,, but im back!!!! today i woke up n cleaned my bedroom for a good 6 hours lol!! I rearranged my wadrobes n rearranged ny makeup so everything is placed differently!! later on tomight im going to out with a friend i think we’re going out for a cake n tea or something??? Right now i just had a shower n im watching lucifer!!! Started the series last week n im,,, it’s so good!!!


Tomorrow im going to a football match N I excited !!!! Debating weather to do a nude n black smokey eye or a purple n red smokey eye πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


elianaaaaaaa πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“

love u lots πŸ’“

My life so far

Hello everyone !1!1!1!1 Who missed me ? I havent been online for quite a while now and why ? Because of all the exams that are coming up. This year I am taking lots of exams which are the IGCSE and the most one I am scared for is the Biology. Its 23 chapters and each chapter has like 200 pages people. Like its so much that I have been studying fir the exam since December. Also, when I have free time I dont go online like most of you would do, but I read books. I love reading books so much that everyday I read a whole book! Do you recommend any books for me ???

The weekend (n I don’t mean the singer)


how are y’all!!! Goddamit so much has happened,, to start things off my god the past 2 weeks have been fucking terrible,, I’ve spent most of it crying and having to constantly streas over, not studying 120% out of 100 for my next test, so that’s fun,, Β I really cannot describe how bad my week has been,, like i dont get why? Just why do we stress over a simple number on a piece of paper or a single letter on a piece of paper? So what if the letter is from A* to F or the number can be 0-100 like why do we stress over just some teachers assumption over how hard we study or how much THEY think we study, excuse u but if u knew how much I studied for ur godamn subject which to just add I couldn’t care less abt ud be shocked. Anyway rant done,, SOOO THANK THE LORD THAT THE WEEKEND IS HERE AND YA GIRL IS GOING OUT WITH HER FRENS TOMORROW SO FUNNN!!! we going to watch insidious πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

later on this week we will b getting our reports n to be completely honest with u,, not looking forward to it,,>:/





Whos excited ?

HEY bitches !1!1!1! WASSUP ??? How y’all doing ? Its yo girl May , welcome back .
SO who tf is excited for Christmas? 😊 I mean , I don’t really do anything but I just love holidays 😍 and I love winter . I prefer it so much over summer tbh . Yes , I have actually never spent time with eliana in Christmas , sad ik , but I mean she has so go to England so yeah I get it . Anyways , OH my birthday was before 3 weeks and ye I celebrated with my hommies but thats it really . Hbu ?
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Schools started

Hey people! Hows it going ? Well so we have started school like 2 weeks ago . Till niw its actually fine . We dont get alot of homework and the new teachers are actually great . The first day of school i fainted which was actually funny but embarrassing but eliana and my friend Nat helped me out but yeah now im ok . Elianas birthday party is next week so im actually excited xx thats it fir now . SEE YA :-)

May xxxx

Quick sprint

hello my loves!!! Okay so quick sprint threw this month. So we started school which if im  to be honest the first week wasnt even that bad. I actually am really pleased with ny teachers this year!! Ugh i managed to finish of the end of chapter 8 of my book!! I wrote in a different way so hope it surprises yall!! I managed to plan a party for my birthday since im very shit at that. I managed to not leave homework till last minute n i hope i continue this way.  Im going out with a few girls tomorrow n im super hyped!! My birthday is coming up in 4 days n im acc super excited!!! Sorry for the delay just got a bit caught up 😬


Ellie xx

love yaaaa

My summer

I was really excited for summer to start . I thought i was going to travel with my family and skype eliana for 12 hours . I was like im going to enjoy this summer but to be honest , its the opposite of what i planned it . I didnt travel . My aunty came for a week though but to me a week is like nothing . So yes without my aunty we all get bored. I used to skype eliana so much in summer but now i only skyped her like a moth ago only for 1 hour . Now summer is nearly ending . To be honest this was the most boring summer .
How about u ?

Going back

sooooo my holidays have been interesting,, ive been to the uk for a good month, then went greece for 10 days, which was great we rented a villa right next to the beach, literally our garden was the beach, thats how close we were, we went site seeing in Thessaloniki it was beautiful took great photos, of sunsets, pigeons, selfies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and OMG I SAW A DOLPHIN it was great omg,, then i came back to england for 3 days and im leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) im going back come and i miss my friends so much my god,, i have plans with so many people and omg i cant wait too see them,. I love my friends a hella lot u dont even know.



elliethejelliebellie xxxx


HELLO THERE . DID U MISS ME ? I dont remember if i said this on my last post but im on holidays till september . what i do the whole day? I eat. Wenever im bored i just eat cause this is who i am πŸ˜‚ i love food . my favourite is pata . i love chocolates . thats like my life right now πŸ˜‚ . PEOPLE GIVE ME IDEAS ON WHAT TO DO . sometimes when the sun starts to go down ,i like to take pictures of it . im gonna post one now on instagram if ur interested πŸ˜‚

Love ,ur baby gurl ,may πŸ’“


Haiiii guys im currently in the uk for holidays And as you know. Or as any other girl knows. Girls love shopping. In my case ive been shopping 24,7 i bought really cute outfits. Like tumblr cute u dont even know. And yeah tell me how ur holidays are going? Have u been abroad ? Are u spending your time in your bedroom binge watching series? Are u at the beach trying to get a tan? Let me know in the comments below.

Love youu x

Ellie xx