okay….so last year I had a crush on a guy for a few years….and I don’t like him anymore….but like last year we would just basically wave at each other and I swear this year wherever am….he is….like literally he is either in front of me or behind me….and he always looks at me! Like is that stalking….does he like me? It just so confusing…..And today I swear me and my BFF we were walking at break and his friends were like pushing him towards me….he was smiling at me….Does that means he likes me?But he has a girlfriend…….If he does I don’t like him anymore…What do I do!!!! Please comment what I do I need some advice ;-;



Eliana xxx

18 thoughts on “Confused…”


    all these comments amused me. I think you should just quit your dreams of becoming bloggers.

    1. Hmm Ye quit my blog cuz you say so ;-; why do I need your input about what to do….no….I can do whatever the fuck I want and i don’t need your god damn opinion on it…..just what’s the poin on commenting on my “pathetic” blog (sarcasm) if you hate it anyway it’s wasting some of your precious time of your life cuz in my eyes I can see that you probably won’t live for long….bye ;3

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