Story time#1

Hihello my g’s its me. And its story time. Sooo this is how my day went. Today at school was this marathon walk with the whole school. Me and may decided to go… biggest mistake of my life. So 1st time me and may were left at the cinema. 2nd time we were left the mountains. 3rd time we were left at the theater and now the beach? Not suprised there in anyway but okay. So some girl in our class told us we should be back at 1:30 so at 1:20 me and may started walking to the skatepark it was around 1:26 when we arrived at the skatepark noone was their. Panic. So we ran. For a solid 3hrs and no water . About 3 mins of running we saw a few teachers.relief. But no they shouted us and i quote for “always playing the same game” hold on. Leaving us multiple times is out fault? Okay nice. Me and may continue running (may had a 10 kilo bag on her back) we reached school just in time i thought we were extremely lucky. But i thought wrong when i go on my phone i see 2 missed calls  from 2 of my classmates telling me that the teacher was waiting for us. Okay nice? Doesnt get worse than that does it? Yh u thought wrong.. may texted me saying that the headmistress wants to see us cuz we are to blame. Okay nice.




lyyy sorry if this isnt a normal post but its an update on out lives



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