Hallloooo its me :) ayeee so alloha fellow readers i shall discuss a topic with you today. so recently ive been to a party and they had this couple sitting on a chair like the guy kept on looking at other girls and his girlfriend was keep on turning his head so shes the only girl he lays his eyes on? I found that a bit awkward like of i was in the girls position id do exactly the same if my bf was checking out girls while he is taken id be like okay ur trying to fuck around so will i and probably get up and leave. I just want to ask if thats a normal thing? Like im a okay with my bf looking at other girls like come on its a normal thing? But to non stop looking at a girl thats a bit weird? If you were in this girls situation what would  you do im curious?

Dont Be A Noob¿¡

Eliana<3 xx

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