The weekend (n I don’t mean the singer)


how are y’all!!! Goddamit so much has happened,, to start things off my god the past 2 weeks have been fucking terrible,, I’ve spent most of it crying and having to constantly streas over, not studying 120% out of 100 for my next test, so that’s fun,,  I really cannot describe how bad my week has been,, like i dont get why? Just why do we stress over a simple number on a piece of paper or a single letter on a piece of paper? So what if the letter is from A* to F or the number can be 0-100 like why do we stress over just some teachers assumption over how hard we study or how much THEY think we study, excuse u but if u knew how much I studied for ur godamn subject which to just add I couldn’t care less abt ud be shocked. Anyway rant done,, SOOO THANK THE LORD THAT THE WEEKEND IS HERE AND YA GIRL IS GOING OUT WITH HER FRENS TOMORROW SO FUNNN!!! we going to watch insidious 👀👀

later on this week we will b getting our reports n to be completely honest with u,, not looking forward to it,,>:/





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