heyyyyy so I am gonna tell you what happened at school today it was so stupid….like so stupid… Just too start my fucked up Italian teacher is like my ass she is such a bitch she made me write a summary again!!!!!! LIKE WTF! I mean seriously I don’t know Italian……..well too be honest no one does…WHY DO WE NEED FUCKING ITALIAN! then instead of having music we had too go to the stupid theatre where we had a show and god knows what it was about.Me and Eliana were just giving disgusting sweets too everyone the best part was when I saw some wierd slutting guys fighting like hooligans me and Eliana where just enjoying the show Cx


May xox

9 thoughts on “Akward?”

        1. K thx for telling me what it means … here we dont use that shit like i even asked my classmates and they didnt know what it meant..

        1. Well… im not crazy thats for sure … me and eliana are same shit .. so yeah and i dont think its my fault for not knowing what it meant ….

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