my short story

Hey again today im not gonna write alot cause im really busy and i never post so i just decided to say some thing. Im writing a story which i will write here next week its a sad story and when i told it to people they loved it . They told me when i grow up ill be an aurthor but i really dont want . I mean i like writing books but not all the times… i love singing ..its my thing ..  i love playing the classic guitar but um.. u nevsr known whar will happen in the future and thats is i was thinking and i really want a youtube channel .. what do you guys think??

May xxx

When you make a effort on how you look

so…Today no joke i spent 4 hours in the mall buying a outfit and booking appointments for my hair and nails…my outfit is a plain black dress and its tight in top and loose at the bottom its really pretty basically i’m going to a carnival party and basically I am looking too be a gothish/devil I don’t even know what I am going too be….I am that type of person who doesn’t really care about what i will be as long as I look good xD Typical me innit xD


Eliana xx


our new school rule

hey guys its Wednesday morning and I really need to tell you what our headmistress said …ok so on Monday she made a new rule that were not allowed to bring our phones and if we do every morning a teacher comes with a box and we have to put them in and if we don’t they will check our bags and if they find it they will take it for a whole year…how is that fair….isnt that illegal…..our school was so close too hell and now were in hell…but most of the kids either keep there phones in their bags or don’t even bring them like 20% of the kids actually put their phone xDD


May x

I died 😂

So….May had a deal with her parents that if she got a 17/20 or higher in a Italian test her parents would have gave her her phone back and £100… before the test….May wouldn’t stop reading her notes and I don’t know what…..okay and for the past week she wouldn’t stop asking the teacher if she bought our tests so 2 days ago when teacher corrected out tests….May was literally shitting her self 😂 And I was you know dying from laughter….so May’s test was the last one to be given and when she got her test she saw her mark with her mouth open for literally 5 minutes when she finally realised she got a 17/20 she jumped and screemed “OH MY GOD” and she was like crying 😂 I was laughing and also may promised me if she got a 17/20 or higher she would go and hug the principle…..oh Ye too mention that she still didn’t do it 😈 I’ll sort her out tomorrow


Eliana xx

School trip ;-;

So today at school we has a school trip……it was the most boring school trip I have ever been too (well not gonna lie all school trips are boing) but I was planning on taking some really nice photos too post on the blog but let me describe where we went.We went to a village where they had nothing just some creepy old people and they had nothing you walk 5 minutes and you end up in the same place you were before……Ye I know…and I brought my poloroid and my camera with me and I didn’t use it ;-; the only reason I went too the school trip was  because May went :) 


Eliana Xx

Music Is My Escape

heyy….so im so sorry haven’t updated in a while just my week has been busy from bullshit too tests and ye the usual “routine” ya know….so ye nothing intresting happened apart from me learning how to play the electric guitar xDD yes its amazing….like when I am pissed off I just go to it and let my feelings out…its away of expression my depression, my feelings….when I just play tho nothing is on my mind its like my escape I don’t concentrate in life the only thing I concentrate is the song I play xD well I told you music is a big part of me so don’t expext me too not get emotional :) but no joke music is my escape…..not just saying it I actually mean it….


Eliana xx

My Valentines!:(

well… I don’t know how to start this .. I hated my life on sunday …. which was obviously valentines day ..  ok so I woke up in the morning and guess what I did ?? I CLEANED MY ROOM AND THEN …STUDIED !!! like WTF ?? why .. its sunday but no my mom said I had to study .. im even grounded from my phone  that’s why I don’t write a lot on the blog im writing from my laptop . anyways.. then I ate .. yeah whatever and then studied AGAIN  … ok after I kind of had this fight with my parents and I was mad so I just left my house and went to my favourite place . I love it there everything is green and its just sooo good so I stayed there for like 1 hour im literally the only person who know this place but not until I heard cars and I was walking to check what everything was on about and – they were cutting trees down to built a church!! in my fav place . I AM SO PISSED OFF !! yeah so this is the best valentines day !! :(


Fav song this month

Oh ye remember i said i was going to do  this  favourite music thing every month :) so this month my favourite song is “You give love a bad name” by Bon Jovi…..I don’t know if any of you guys know who Bon Jovi is xD but he is quite old…he came out approximately the same year Nirvana and Guns ‘n’ Roses did briefly xD but ye this song im obsessed with and its funny how its Valentines and my favourite song is like accusing your love xD  but i don’t care i find it hilarious xD Listen too the song its Below VV

Eliana xx

Valentines ;-;

Since Valentines is in 2 days….i just want to know if im going to be the only person celebrating valentines by myself xD litreally am i the only one?? i feel like i am xD oh well…meh i will be on a date with food  and making out with my bed….dang…i am so sad ;-; oh well comment below if your going to be celebrating valentines on your own…..if you are then OH MA GOD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE XDD


Eliana xx



So carnivals soon and I am going to go to a party and I literally have no idea what I’m going to be…..I was thinking on being a goth or like a celebrity vampire or something but I dunno 😂 They just sound so wierd ;-; like last year I was a rock chick sorta i actually don’t know what i was planning to be last year but at the end I wore a leather jacket and ripped jeans saying I was a cycle chick which I thought was a girl who rides a motorbike which was such a wierd idea and now I think of it I think I made that word up….but oh well….what are you guys gonna be for carnival? If you have any ideas please tell me :) like I don’t want too be something so childish I’m looking for a hot topic something cute I’m not really going to dress up so much maybe some vampire ears on my head….but Ye I would love too hear your ideas.


Eliana xx